Archeological Dig

Yesterday, Ben and I were left to fend for ourselves in Shetou as papa went into the city for business. After a successful trip to 7/11 (that’s as adventurous as we get when faced with a language barrier, don’t judge), we walked the blocks and stopped by a couple tiny shops.

We got home just before another downpour and took shelter for the rest of the afternoon. Back up in my room, I found a couple old photo albums that just begged to be rifled through.


This photo was on top of the two albums I found. There were a couple more wallet sized copies inside the album, much like the senior photos I’ve traded with friends from high school.

Here, papa as a tyke with grandpa. I can’t help but notice how much Ben looks like my grandfather as a younger man.

From what I’ve been told, my parents met through a network of friends in international student groups around the Mizzou campus. Here they are pictured during one of the many cultural fairs put on by the organizations.

Another young couple photo, with good ol’ Memorial Union in the background. Note that my mother still wears that pair of glasses and my father’s haircut is still pretty much the same.

Graduation preparations. His next degree was a PhD in engineering and Ben and I were at the ceremony with them.

Obligatory columns photo. Forever a tiger. It runs in the family.


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