The Grass is Greener

Things I miss about home:

  1. Wide, open spaces.
  2. Carpet. And not having to wear slippers on hardwood flooring.
  3. People. Namely people like my mother. And hanging out with people my own age.
  4. Being able to walk into a store or down the street and not having to fend off shopkeepers wanting me to stop by. Seriously, a restaurant owner crossed two lanes of traffic and followed us down the street as we were looking for a place to eat dinner today. If that were the case in the states, I would be broke.
  5. Driving myself places. Driving myself doorway where traffic norms are a bit less…frenzied.
  6. Privacy.  Independence too.

I’ve been here for a week and it’s been a total blast. I have another week or so until I touch down back at home, and I have these six things (among others, like a brand-spankin’-new apartment with an awesome roommate) to look forward to.


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