In Review

The last timeI traveled to Taiwan, I came back and everything was different. I was starting high school, my group of friends was changing and I didn’t want to come back to something that seemed so monotonous in comparison to the exotic quests  I had just left behind.

Now, six years later, it’s come full circle and I find myself back in the throes of the real world I had left behind. Things are different from before I left, sure. But this time I’m really happy with what has been happening.

For the first time in quite a while, I’m eager to be back home and to work on something I know I will be proud of. My surroundings have changed (for the better I’d say, even if the windows are stuck and the floorboards creak a little), lines of communication have opened and I’m thoroughly content in saying that I’m happy with where I am at the time being. This trip has been a great closure to a summer where I really felt I shared worthwhile experiences with some of the greatest people I’m fortunate enough to know. Of course, like any student, it’s a bittersweet departure from sun-kissed afternoons and endless nights without the heavy dread of any kind of obligation. I’ve had a pretty amazing summer, and it will always be that way, even if it has to end.

In ten hours, I begin my year as a junior at the University of Missouri, specifically by meeting with the community beat of the Columbia Missourian. I am officially a reporter for a newspaper that the people subscribe to for accurate and newsworthy information. I get to talk with the people of the community and unearth their stories for the rest of us to hear and learn from. I’m nervous as hell, but I think in this case it’s a good sign.


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