End of Course Evaluation

Things accomplished this summer:

  1. Do something outdoorsy. I meant for this one to be something more like “go camping/hiking,” but it ended up a little differently. While in Taiwan, we walked through several mountainous areas and explored the natural beauty of the northern coast. I may not have been roughing it up and backpacking through the wilderness out there, but I still got to enjoy the scenic views that I anticipated with doing outdoorsy things. I mean, I’m pretty sure I broke a sweat, so I’m going to count it.
  2. Visit Chicago. This one Alyssa and I had been talking about for years now, and it finally happened. We went up for a couple days around July Fourth and watched fireworks out on the Navy Pier. We took the train, devoured deep dish at Gino’s, admired the architecture and braved the 103°F heat.
  3. Hail a cab for the first time. Did this in Chicago just before a downpour broke loose on the pedestrians of the city. Also hailed a couple bright yellow taxis in Taipei. Getting international, y’know.
  4. Spontaneous road trip. Back in mid-June, the Manor roommates and some kids from the Twain Gang staying in town for the summer gathered up to visit the Fulton Street Fair.  The expedition was complete with a 30 minute evening drive down a windy road, carnival rides, getting caught in a storm and traded anecdotes over Chinese takeout. Best mini-road trip to date.
  5. See the beach. I don’t know the names of any one of them, but I had the opportunity to visit one of the beaches in Chicago and two in Penghu County on the island off the coast of Taiwan.
  6. Fly by myself. Thirty-five hours of travel time, no big.
  7. Cry less. Kiss more. I’d elaborate, but I’m a lady.
  8. Practice writing. Along with a neat little diddy I wrote up for the July issue of MOVE Magazine about the Boone Dawdle, I’m going to count this endeavor. Back in my multimedia class, we had a weekly blog assignment for 16 weeks. There were approximately 12 weeks of summer, and I’ve pretty much made that goal equivalent of one blog per week again. Considering it’s been hard for me to keep a sustaining blog in a long time, I’d call that progress.
  9. Crack down on the ever-growing sewing project pile. It’s still growing, but I did manage to tame it for a bit. Summer sundresses are the bee’s knees.
  10. Get lost in a foreign city. This one is a recurring item on the list, and it’s for sure a keeper.

Some of these things were on my summer to-do list, while others are just general life to-do list things. I’m pretty satisfied looking back at having done quite a few of these things, no matter how simple they may seem. They all meant something to me.


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