“If you’re not laughing, you’re not living.”

They seemed like a couple that had been together forever, long enough to know the other’s life stories and aspirations and habits like the back of their hand, but they still had the energy of two people just beginning to learn about each other.

“Just out of curiosity, how did you two meet?”

It was my second question for Dan and Teresa Nelson, one that I hadn’t thought to write down in preparation for the meeting, and it was already 20 minutes into the interview. The first one had to do with the name of their business, Giggles Thrift Shop. Even though I had only asked one question, I could tell that they would have plenty to tell me that I wouldn’t have thought to ask about.

The two met when Teresa was in high school and they have been married for 33 years. After more than three decades of marriage, several children and multiple career changes in the retail and service industries, the two came up with the idea to open a thrift store business.


It came natural to them and they have fun with it.

My interview ended up lasting 1 1/2 hours as we chatted away in the storeroom on an orange floral couch. The couple had a lot to say, about their business and about life. It was a pleasure to get to speak with them, and I hope I can convey that in my story.


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