Hot Off the Press

Today I covered my first general assignment story about a fire that happened behind a Boone County fire station.

There was a significant amount of legwork, calling to verify information and noteworthy mistakes that I’ll learn from for my next story. It’s been a long day, but I’m glad something came out of it. More to come when I’m  more awake and smell less like smoke.


UPDATE (Thursday, Aug. 30):

So a couple days before school started, I was eating dinner with Emily and Alyssa. Alyssa, being the motherly figure that she is, asked us what our goals for the semester were. I didn’t have to think long, but I was kind of reluctant to say it out loud. My goal for the semester was to publish a front-page article in the print edition of the Missourian.

Well, that was way back in the recesses of my mind when I volunteered to run out and cover the fire on St. Charles Road yesterday afternoon. But lo and behold, the article ran in the Thursday morning edition of the Columbia Missourian on the front page. Granted, it was only there because it was related to another fire trend/drought story that had a lot more weight to it, but I’ll take it for now and be happy that my first story went even that far.

I guess I still have that goal to write for/contribute to a spotlight story, either in a print or online edition. Maybe I got lucky with this one, so we’ll see how the next one turns out.


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