Let’s give it another go

GA round two, and this time, I think I’ve got a better grasp on things.

My projects, after a standstill that felt like forever, are finally getting underway and I’m making some decent progress.

Here are some highlights from the past several days:

  • I found a solid story subject on my own on Sunday afternoon (almost cutting it close to deadline for pitches) after trying to go to two other events and not finding anything. The pitch was approved and after not hearing back for 24 hours trying to set up an interview, I finally got ahold of him. Interview set-up, check!
  • My first profile story about Giggles Thrift Shop finally ran on the Missourian website and Tuesday print edition. Despite some formatting errors in the newspaper copy, I received positive feedback from family and friends that had their eye out for my byline. Also, Jacqui may or may not have alluded to a lecture hall of 100+ people that some people may think that my story is shit. Not sure why, but that kind of makes me like her more.
  • My story subject from last week about chicken husbandry finally got back to me as well. We will be arranging an interview for the end of this week.
  • Completely unrelated, but still an overwhelmingly awesome part of my week is that I’ve been approved for a Hitt Street Garage parking permit. That means that instead of having a university commuter spot a 20-minute bus ride away from my apartment, or parking in a nearby neighborhood on East Campus, I’ll always have a parking spot right next door. Score!

So, if I’ve done my math right, I have two stories to flesh out this weekend, along with getting through my orientation assignment due in two weeks, all on top of continuing to find stories out in the Central City zone of Columbia. Nothing from general assignment has come my way yet, but I’m definitely keeping my options open until something comes up.

Let’s go.


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