I’ve been watching too much Breaking Bad

Today I wrote about a dog. Or, rather, I wrote about a meth lab bust that involved a dog. I really wanted to know about that dog.

This was the first news brief I’ve done from a media release. That means I didn’t have to go onsite to wherever the incident took place. All it took was a couple of phone calls. Easy breezy.

“It involves puppies” was all I heard about the story before it was assigned to me. After reading the brief, I found out that firearms and methamphetamine was found at a house in the northern part of Columbia. Included in the release was information that a dog found on the premises was shot after it bit a deputy on the leg.

I quickly wrote up information from the release and what I had gotten from the sheriff’s department detective. I had all the basic, necessary information down pat, but I still had a question.

What happened to that dog?

After the first round of editing, I decided to call up Animal Control and find out about its condition and what would happen to it. If it wasn’t going in the brief, I at least wanted to know for myself.

Twenty minutes later, the department superviser called me back with the information. The story was in the process of copy-editing, but I had enough time to add in what I knew about the pit bull’s condition.

Another quick write-up done, another lesson learned about news reporting and another two hours until I’m done with my third general assignment shift.


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