Halfway There

The beginning of this week marked the beginning of October. I remember October used to mean the thrills of autumn like Halloween and pumpkins and leaves and hot cocoa. The past several years have changed what October means to me, though. October, simply put, is Hell Month.

It’s midterms season, and man is it hitting hard this year.

The past week in the reporting world has been busy. Here’s a quick overview.

  • After what seems like forever (I started this story at the beginning of September), my story about chicken raising in the city is finally wrapping up. This one was particularly challenging because it involved not only explaining the history of a city ordinance amendment to allow urban hen raising, but also getting a full picture of the effects of the change in the last two years. I think all the voices that contribute to the piece demonstrate the importance and impact of the issue pretty well. It ended up being around 36 inches, so I broke the article into several sub-headings to facilitate readability and flow.
  • My article about the Murphy Lakes property in Higbee is in for its first round of editing and will probably run sometime this month. It isn’t really tied to any upcoming dates, so I’m less stressed about this one. Rob asked that I send a photographer up on the 13th because several social organizations will be visiting that weekend. I’m excited to see what the photographer captures around the barns.
  • The First Annual Perche Creek Fall 5 is happening next Saturday, and I interviewed a relay team that will be participating in the event. The two ladies, who are in their early 50’s and 60’s, were really fun to interview and the conversation just kind of flowed well because of their established chemistry. It was my fastest interview by date, probably because of their energy and passion for the topic of fitness and relays. I’ll be contacting additional sources and will have a draft in by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed).
  • Yesterday, I interviewed author Peter Altschul. Again, he was a pretty quick interview, partly because his New York upbringing and time spent working Washington D.C. reflected his quick pace of speaking. He has a speaking engagement at the library later in October, so I hope to have it finished before then. He shared a lot of his work experience as a conflict resolution consultant and also introduced me to his guide dog, a black lab named Heath.

This weekend, I’ll also be working on a multimedia project with Glendale Stables. The head trainer, Kent Swalla, is working with a Johnston, Iowa girl who will be going to South Africa for the 2012 Saddle Seat World Cup.

Lots to do, and much more to come!


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