I have to see a man about a horse

Today, I met with one of my subjects for my multimedia project.

After a bit of a scheduling snafu, I drove up to Glendale Stables to meet with Brooke Boyer. Sixteen-year old Boyer, who is a 2012 Saddle Seat World Cup team member, drives down to Columbia from her hometown of Johnston, Iowa several weekends a month to train with her horse, Tony.

I first heard about this story during my second week of pitching story ideas, back when I was still searching in the northeast section of Columbia. The story idea didn’t go through because someone else was already doing a story about horses. However, I wanted to rekindle the story idea because of the rich multimedia opportunities to report the story.

My project partner, Lauren, is in charge of the visual aspect of the assignment, and I have taken on the audio interviews for the slideshow.

This morning, Brooke sat down with me in the office of the stables to discuss how she got into horse riding, competitions and what she’s looking forward to about visiting South Africa with her team and family.

On a technical side, the quality of the interview recording was less than ideal. I tried both the handheld mic and the Rode microphone. As much as I tried to play around with the equipment in preparation for the trip, I could have done a better job at determining which devices would work best for specific parts of the interview.

First up was the interview with Brooke, and I used the handheld mic for that one. Horrors of J2150 flooded back as I later replayed the audio and heard the slightest background noises and muffles of moving the mic at parts overplaying Brooke’s responses. We were also in an office space in the stable, so the acoustics weren’t that great.

Around the stables, I used the Rode mic. The ambient noise was crisp and strong. I decided to let the audio recorder run as Brooke moved about the stable feeding and visiting with the horses. I got several good recordings of birds chirping in the background and the horses moving about, happy to be munching on an early morning snack.

I’m excited to see how this project turns out. I will have to go back to get audio of Kent’s experiences training with Brooke over the past three years. I think that this story warrants publication on the Missourian website, and I will try my best to report on the subject with enough professionalism and knowledge for it to be shared with the Missourian readership.


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