Tough Old Birds

I should really run more often. Lately, the most amount of exercise I get is walking around campus, downtown, work and back to my apartment. Oh yeah, that’s all within, like, a two-mile radius. Bummer.

In a way, writing my latest story about some inspirational women teaming up for the first Perche Creek Fall Five motivates me to get out and get active.

I first started with this story back in early September. First, I heard about Heartland Paddler, then found out about their race. A number of phone calls and emails later, I got into contact with Linda, 61, and Nancy, 52. They would be forming a relay team for the running-kayaking race.

First of all, the fact that they were incredible athletes in their own right at their age is amazing. It really makes me want to carve out more time to hit The Rec (soon, soon!).

Second, they’ve been friends for nearly 20 years. It was a little bit of a challenge to be able to write about that natural chemistry, something that I observed when I interviewed them together. What I found was that I could only convey so much of their relationship through their own words, but it was ultimately the anecdotes and stories of another friend about the pairing that really helped solidify just how close they really were.

It was by far the easiest, most natural interview I’ve had this semester. I really hope I demonstrated some of the quirks of their friendship throughout the story.


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