In limbo

Today is Wednesday. I wasn’t on GA. I didn’t have to work. My meetings this afternoon were canceled. I was finished with classes by 12:15 p.m. So what did I do with my wide-open afternoon? Naturally, I spent in the newsroom.

I wrapped up a story I was working on about a fall art exhibit happening this weekend, and then worked on a draft of my story about a blind author. The author story has been in the works for about two weeks now, and I even had all my reporting done about a week ago. But news that another department of our paper was covering the same subject meant that I had to go through my notes and try to rewrite my article with a different perspective. I just finished the first draft of my re-write, so now it’s a matter of hearing about feedback.

Other than that, I have two story leads that I am trying to develop over the next few days. My multimedia story has been in a standstill, with re-scheduling and time conflicts making that process difficult. I’m still excited to cover the story about Glendale Stable and am not too worried about completing the project, but right now it feels like time is working against us.

So basically, I’m in between multiple projects. Midterms are over for me, but I feel like this is just the calm before another imminent whirlwind of a storm.

On another note, I’m starting to register for my spring semester classes. Looking like another busy one, but excited nonetheless!


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