Fount of Mercy

Here’s my latest community beat story about Lori Acton, from Columbia, who recently moved to Uganda to work with the nonprofit Fount of Mercy.

I first heard about this story from a fellow reporter in the newsroom during a budget meeting. Several phone calls, Skype calls and a visit from the subject’s mother later, and here it is.

I ended up cutting off about 1o inches (400 words) from my original draft. There was so much great information about the organization that I wanted to share with the readers, but ultimately it was trimmed down to focus more on Lori herself and her work, and how that ties back to the Columbia community.

I pulled in an unexpected source, Pastor Luke Stockeland of Open Door Baptist Church, on the final days of revision. I think it adequately gives the readers a notion of why Lori’s work, though 8,000 miles away, is relevant to the community of Columbia.

I think the best part about working on this story was to hear how passionate all the affiliated subjects were about their work in Uganda. Since the growing nonprofit is still in its early stages, I’m excited for them to develop and expand their mission over the years. Who knows, maybe a follow-up will be in order down the road.


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