Three weeks

There are three more weeks of school left. Two weeks of classes, then one last push for finals.

A lot can happen in three weeks.

As for me, I won’t be doing any of that. Instead I’ll be:

  • Finishing up my story on Mo Tipton, owner of the tiny food business The Mouse Market.
  • Looking for one or two more new stories, and then actually writing them.
  • Working two more general assignment shifts, in addition to my one weekend shift this Saturday.
  • Conquering one more History of American Journalism test.
  • Finishing the last 3/4 of the book “Just Kids” and writing a 7-page response to it for my art culture class. Isn’t that kind-of-sort-of close to being finished?
  • Writing up a gallery review for the final project of said art class.
  • Working on an 8-page research paper for my Spanish literature class.
  • Applying for internships, scheduling advising meetings, going through course evaluations and perfecting the chocolate chip-banana bread recipe I discovered over Thanksgiving break.

Whew. That stuff can be just as fun, right?


PS — journalists can work with numbers too.

LOLJK, someone check my math.


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