Vagina Talks

In light of my past two blog entries about a woman’s role in the family and the workplace, as well as one man’s desire to avoid raising multiracial children, I have to say that I’m extremely excited that tomorrow marks the BEGINNING OF VAGINA SEASON.

I’ll be returning for my second year on cast of Mizzou’s Vagina Monologues and am absolutely thrilled to be doing so.

I first learned about Eve Ensler and her VDay Campaign to help end violence against women during my freshman year. I’m looking forward to two months of Sundays with strong, intelligent women working to bring violence against women to an end, no matter on what scale.

Especially with the Michael Dixon Jr. rape accusation stories that have been coming out of the woodworks this week,  we all need to take some time to realize that victim blaming and not taking sexual assault allegations seriously is a reflection of something incredibly wrong in our society. I read this FROM READERS piece from some ladies with the MU Feminist Student Union earlier this afternoon. I felt a sense of relief that groups of students were, instead of supporting the return of a campus celebrity to the basketball court and accusing the victim of wrongly standing up for being violated, supporting the conversation of evolving rape culture into something more constructive, more sensitive, and altogether more humane.

With that….VAGINAAAA.


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