Please say your name, major, and an interesting fact about yourself.

I guess I should start off these posts for my sociology of gender class by throwing it out there: I identify myself as a feminist.

As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t always felt this way about myself or the concept of feminism. But ever since I’ve been introduced to the idea and having a variety of resources to learn about the mission and what that all means to me, I’ve been eager to explore the idea further.

Last semester I finished up my minor in Spanish. Feeling a little discouraged at the thought of taking solely journalism classes for the next three semesters (not that I don’t love it, but why not explore my options!), I decided that I’d like to pursue another minor in the sociology department. I vividly remember some of my favorite lecture periods during my first semester as a freshman sitting through an intro to sociology class. I reasoned that since my future profession in a writing career (fingers crossed) will deal with writing about  people and the issues they care about, this would be a great addition to my academic coursework. Not only that, but I really wanted to take the opportunity to explore some of the Women’s and Gender Studies classes that, in the past, I might have never thought to consider.

So that brings us to my enrollment in this sociology of gender class. Through it, I hope to learn more about the history and what makes gender important in our society. I’m so interested in seeing how our culture is shaped by individuals, and how certain institutions enforce customs and behaviors that have become so ingrained in our daily pursuits. I want to know what makes people act, think and tick the way that they do. I want to learn about the organization of society through a sociology lens and how women and society’s perception of women have fared through it all. I’m ready to challenge myself in ways that may shape my perspective of my culture from here on out.


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