Esquire gets hairy

For my magazine editing class, our assignment this week was to plan out a themed issue of Esquire magazine. Along with our theme, we had to cover four department stories and eight features, along with titles and table of contents blurbs for each. Jen  showed us past examples of themes such as the death issue, the cheese issue and the disasters issue. I decided to get a little hairier with my theme, and this is what I came up with. Shout out to the Esquire team, I graduate in a year and would totally be willing to move out east. *nudgenudge*

ESQUIRE August 2013 | The facial hair issue


Getting Better | You Can Grow Your Own Way
So you’ve decided to grow a mustache. Welcome to the world of the hairy. Esquire provides you with a guide on how to choose the right chops for your face, lifestyle and personality.

 Catalog | Close Shave
We get it totally get it, fellas; your face mane needs some lovin’ too. Check out the leading facial hair care grooming tools to ensure that your upper lipholstery is in tiptop shape year-round.

Close-up | Whiskered Wardrobe
Make sure both your chin strap and your outfit make a statement, from the corporate office to the backyard barbecue. Find the perfect looks that pull together your mustachioed mane day and night.

Chuck Klosterman’s America | Mustache Mania
Tattoos, jewelry, glassware and apparel. None of these things are a face, yet mustaches are plastered onto all of them everywhere you look. Chuck Klosterman takes a look at the craze that is mustache mania in everything from fashion to home décor.


Cover Story | The Man Behind the Mustache
Daniel Day-Lewis played one of America’s most famous bearded leaders last year and took home several awards to boot. We take a look back at some of his most outstanding whiskered roles, catch up with his newest projects and check in on how his crumb catcher is faring these days. By Tom Junod.

A Beard by Any Other Name
Face Shelf. Mouthbrow. Handlebar. Learn about the history behind some of our favorite mustaches’ most beloved monikers, and what your favorite says about you.

Non-shaven Newsmakers
These businesspeople, politicians, innovators and educators all have two things in common: shaking things up in current events and doing it in style with bristle batons at the ready. By Charles P. Pierce.

The Grass Grin is Greener
Two men battle to see who can grow the most facial hair in a month’s time. See what tips, tricks and downright sorcery they get into to keep their lip shadows growing bountifully as the competition grows thick.

Around the World in 80 Mustaches
The popularity, styling and significance of facial hair vary across social boundaries. We surveyed how men of different cultures view their own nose neighbors. Interviewed by Cal Fussman.

A Cut Above the Rest
Ryan D’Agostino  takes a look at the rooted history of some of the country’s oldest barbershops. Even Sweeney Todd couldn’t bring these guys down.

Fiction | A Meeting of Mustaches
Ever wonder what would happen if you threw some of the greatest mustaches of our time in the same room together? You’re in luck. Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Luther King Jr. join us for dinner and discuss current events — from the perspective of their mustaches, of course.

Memorable Mustaches
From the concert stage to the silver screen, these celebrities rocked iconic whiskers throughout their careers. Relive history and the glory days of muttonchops and see what style trends have come and gone. By Andy Langer.

How to Lose a Mustache in 10 Days
As much as we care for our bearded brethren, there comes a time for them to pick up the clippers and do away with the grizzled goatee. Here are some steps on how to initiate that tough talk about the tuft and, for the mustachioed-no-more, how to transition to the barefaced world in style.

NOTE: this was done as a class project. None of the authors depicted really contributed any kind of content of this nature. Which is a shame, because this issue would be amazing.


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