That one time I was an Oxford student for a day

An overview of my day spent in Oxford, England, as told through a series of Tweets I would have Tweeted if I had access to Wifi during the trip. #letsgo

Saturday morning, bright and early. Off to catch the train to #Oxford!

Made it to Paddington 20 minutes early. #wheresthecoffee #naptime

Follow the pink umbrella! Meet our tour guide, Kath, with a killer ‘do and is probably way cool to chill with. Onward to Oxford.

Hopping on the train. Looks like there are no seats left.

Clouds have cleared, buildings have changed to meadows and now it’s time to depart the station. First stop, Oxford University!


These snack packs included in the travel package were totally worth it. Can’t get enough. #snacktime

Will we get to see Oxford University today? Kind of. The university boasts 38 colleges across several campuses and some of the oldest academic buildings and libraries in the world.

Holy Prime Minister. Oxford has produced 26 prime ministers to govern Great Britain and the UK, the most from one educational institution.

“Even their quad is argyle.” Kirstie, referring to how the greenery at Oxford is about 10x that of any American university.


What time is it? The Tom Tower rings 101 times every night at 9:05 and used to be a curfew reminder for Oxford students to return to campus. Now it just rings as a mark of tradition, no curfew in place.

Some of the books in the Merton College library are so valuable, they’re chained to the walls to thwart thievery. Something tells me this wouldn’t fly at Ellis.

Passing the faun door frame and lamp post that inspired the opening scene of CS Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” #heymrtumnus #booknerd



How picturesque. Radcliffe Camera and Bodleian Library make for the perfect campus postcard.


More #booknerd facts: the Oxford libraries house 6.5 million books that would stretch more than 100,000 km if lined up on a single shelf.

Now passing the Bridge of Sighs, aptly named for the people who lost their court trials and were convicted. “Sigh, guess I’m off to prison now.”


Gnarly bearded men guarding the Sheldonian Theatre, which cost the modern day equivalent of £1.5 million. Too bad Sheldon’s friends wouldn’t help him front the bill. #coldshoulder


Team Oxford University. A trip to a souvenir shop has now turned into a group purchase of matching sweaters. Def planning a twin (octuplet?) day next week.

Lunch time at the Wig and Pen! First time get bangers and mash. Worth the hype. #nomtastic

Second stop during our free time: University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Stunning architecture and history dating back to the 1000s.


Back to campus! Lovely walking out in the open, probably not so great for short passing periods.

Alice in Wonderland shop? Count me in. #itsalwaysteatime


Sunshine, greenery and bonding. Looking a little tan, there. Day trip to #Oxford officially a success.


Just got home and tried on the sweatshirt. Feels like heaven. I could live in this. #goodnightlondon


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