Round four

I took my first sociology course as a senior in high school, partly because it fit into my schedule quite nicely, but also because I had heard good things from my older peers and wanted to give this thing a shot.

Four years later and I’m still intrigued. Although, it’s not hard to be when you’re studying your own peers, yourself, everything that surrounds you and what you didn’t think to take a second look at before. It’s like that inevitable moment in childhood in which your parent does something to make you realize that maybe they aren’t the superhuman you originally pegged them to be; perhaps they are, in fact, a human with flaws. And then everything you thought you knew changes ever so slightly.

Halfway through sophomore year, I realized that some great timing and forward planning left room in my schedule to tack on a sociology minor to my collegiate career. Last spring, I had a blast learning about the sociology of gender (and by that, I mean that I totally look at everything differently now, but it’s refreshing). This fall, I’ll be continuing my sociological thoughts ponderings ramblings as I reflect on readings for my social deviance class. As a senior in a class mostly comprised of freshman, it’ll be interesting to see where our discussions go. We’ve already talked about the role of postsecondary education in society, which, to be honest, was a bit depressing to start out the first week of senior year. However, I look forward to more conversations with our 60+ roster. Maybe if we’re lucky enough, we’ll also have a plethora of YouTube videos to choose from to illustrate examples. Any way we can work some Breaking Bad in there? Meth production would be socially deviant activity, right…?

(Note: this probably won’t be the last time I reference TV in these kinds of posts)


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