Time crunch

Critique: The Time Machine

I’ve never really been too much of a science fiction reader, but I knew enough of the genre to know that The Time Machine by HG Wells is a classic among the time traveling story lines out there.

The first few sketches I drew out for our book cover design contest assignment were really literal iterations of what I thought of in hearing the title, without knowing too much about the book. For the last several sketches, I read through the short novel and then came up with some ideas of what I visualized after reading and understanding the text better. The following three were sketches I came up with after reading the story, and they were the top voted on by the class that I wanted to choose from.

IMG_3159 IMG_3158IMG_3157

I knew that for all of these choices, I would need to really up my game and include details and texture in my illustrations. At first, I resigned to my limited illustration abilities and thought I would just try doing it all by hand and scanning the design in as a digital file. However, Sunday night I started on an Illustrator file and came up with some pretty good results.

For those of you who have seen my previous illustration attempts, this was a huge accomplishment, and it unexpectedly didn’t take too long. I was really getting the hang of it and, after a few drafts, am really happy with the result. I like that it plays off of the geometric and mathematical feel that time travel makes me think of, but I’m a little worried it’s too literal of a translation for a visual. I showed it to a few non-design people and got good feedback, so I’m excited to hear what other things I can improve on for my final draft next week. Any and all suggestions are welcome!




You can’t miss: Creative Bloq’s best 404 pages

A few weeks ago, Creative Bloq posted a collection of 30 brilliantly designed 404 pages. I’m also in a web design class, and there’s been a lot of overlap in thinking about magazine versus web aesthetic. I love these little illustrations and think they make a frustrating time of getting lost on a site a little more bearable.

Photo inspiration: Bicycle dreams and a plea for employment

I work at the Journalism Library, and the other day I saw an intriguing book on the “New Books” shelf. Turns out it was the Society of Illustrators 55th Annual of Illustrations collection. Since looking through it, it’s definitely helped me in pushing my illustration skills, and it’s fun to see all the different styles people incorporate into their designs, from posters to fabric printings to books and so on. I particularly liked the following illustration with its bright colors and clean lines.


I took this inspiration and came up with the following quick design I did for a contact card for myself. I’m heading off to New York City with the magazine club for the rest of the week, so hopefully it’ll catch some eyes and exchange hands to some potential contacts.businesscard



7 thoughts on “Time crunch

  1. I really like your middle book cover design. I like the color blocking technique and how it gives the illustration a texture. That’s what I feel like my design was really lacking last week.

  2. I really like your contact card… you did a great job using the Society of Illustrators book as inspiration. Also, I had no idea so much went into 404 pages… makes me think there’s always room for good design everywhere!

  3. I think you did a great job on texture and color for the book cover. And I love your contact card too! From these designs, I can definitely see your illustration style, which is important to settle as a designer. I took a web design class last semester, and I felt super bad because I couldn’t execute most of the things I had in my mind with CSS and HTML codes. After looking through all the 404 page designs, I wonder how web designers are able to do such an amazing job.

  4. I think you did a very nice job with your illustration. I love the use of color and textures. They add suck dynamic. Additionally, your business cards are precious!

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