Spring cleaning

In progress: Procrastination and upcoming feature design

Unlike every other week this semester, this week felt lacking in design. I’ve had two midterms on my mind for my non-journalism  courses and a project rough draft due early in the week (granted, it was for web design, but that involves an entirely different language and approach).

On the design side of things, the photo feature I’ll be designing for the April 10 issue has been temporarily put on hold until the photographer finishes shooting his images and drafting his text throughout spring break. It will be about a group of poets and will include a collection of their portraits, their personal stories and some of their work curated by the J-School’s very own John Farmer de la Torre. Liz sent me one of the photos of his that we’ll be using, and I can tell it’s going to be a very cool visual and artsy piece. Each of the portraits will have a colorized theme to play with, and with this being part of the first redesigned issue, I’m really excited to see the material I’ll be working with soon.

In progress: Vintage Now drafts

The content and photos for my Vintage Now spreads were slowly trickling in this week, but I’m planning to dedicate the majority of my weekend to designing layout drafts to send to the rest of the group for feedback. For now, I’m still in the early stages of culling through the content, seeing what I have and sketching them all out. I’ll be designing the department pages for home décor and food/entertaining, as well as a feature about family heirlooms.

I can tell that cohesively putting together all the different parts of the department stories (content introduction, sidebars, lists, step-by-step process instructions and tons of photos) will be a challenge. Because most of the visuals will be stock images, it will be difficult to use several for a singular page or spread and still make it look like it all fits within one story. Some of the photos for a story about how to incorporate a card catalog cabinet into your home décor are really cool, and I’m definitely going to try and play up the texture of the wooden furniture in that spread.

You can’t miss: Creative Bloq’s geometric pattern collection

Especially after illustrating my Time Machine cover last week, I’m beginning to really see how objects can be broken down into geometrical shapes and patterns to better understand how images are built. I’m happy to say that the Illustrator pen tool and I are becoming better friends, and I really want to keep working at my illustrations.

As timing would have it, today I noticed on Creative Bloq an entry about 20 cool examples of geometric pattern in design. It’s neat to see how such simple shapes can be repeated and laid out to create a ton of depth, layers and textures. I saw a few of the class’s book illustrations also incorporated this concept, which feels very modern and clean. Maybe I’ll be able to use these inspirations in near future designs, as well.

Photo inspiration: The Hearst building

Last week I had the amazing chance to visit New York City for the first time. In one of the most influential places in the world in business, politics, art and culture, there was a ton of visual and creative inspiration all over.

On the first day we arrived, a group of us was bustling from the subway station schlepping our luggage through the streets. At one intersection, this building caught my eye. It stood out against the other skyscrapers with its unique geometrical patterns and ultra-modern architectural style. It turns out that it was the Hearst building (a mere few blocks from our hotel) where I would later visit the Food Network Magazine and Esquire offices. I didn’t snap any photos of the building’s interior, but it was just as visually inspiring on the inside as out. Not to mention, seeing all of Esquire’s Ellie awards crammed onto a table in their lobby like nbd was way cool.



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