Diving back in

Critique: Poets photo essay

I’m a little deflated from today’s critiques on both my photo essay feature and the Meredith project, but it was also a chance to get really good feedback about direction design choices. Since a lot of the layout for next week’s feature will depend on what we decide to include editorially, I know a ton of layout changes will have to be made close to or during production. I’m pretty satisfied with my photo selections and pairings on spreads, and I’m so relieved that the editors seemed to like my type treatment. I was hesitant to start on too many design changes tonight before meeting with the feature editor tomorrow, but I did play with a few more cover options. They’re ordered from my most to least favorite, but I would love to hear what you all think.

Critique: Vintage Now drafts

Below are the department pages and feature spreads I contributed to today’s presentations for Vintage Now.








John and Erica both pointed out some typography flaws, which is definitely a huge weakness I’m still trying to better understand. I could also see some spacing and image choice issues a lot more clearly when the layouts were displayed on the projector. The feature spreads I did for “Weaving a legacy” came together last minute earlier this week, but I think cutting some photos and making the package look more cohesive with a classic look will be key.

I’d say for now, my favorite is the “Dewey Decimal Design” page, which I’m going to make some color changes for and possibly switch out the dominant photo for another card catalog. The story that gave me the most trouble was the “Putting on the Glitz” story, which is a chunked out guide to throwing a Gatsby-themed party. The organization stumped me the most, although John said it made sense to him. This department page might actually turn into a feature to make the content more cohesive, so we shall see where it takes us!

You can’t miss: The Grand Budapest Hotel musical posters

I finally got to see Wes Anderson’s new flick, The Grand Budapest Hotel, last week, and it definitely met expectations on both a narrative and visual level. Anderson’s films aren’t everyone’s thing, but I really like his stylized filmmaking and the offbeat nature of his projects in general. If you need a two-hour break of beautiful cinematography, dark humor and Willem Defoe as the ultimate hitman, I’d recommend checking it out.

Earlier today, I found a story about a recent promotional move the filmmakers worked on with Spotify. The music supervisor arranged playlists of the film’s soundtrack to match with new character posters of the film’s main subjects. I love how the music pairings make viewing the posters more multidimensional.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, the movie’s promotional educational website about the film’s fictional setting is worth clicking through, too.

Photo inspiration: Coffee 101

I spent a few days in Kansas City over spring break, and my boyfriend took me to the City Market in the River Market District. We stopped into City Market Coffee House, the most artsy/twee/hipster coffee shop ever, and I found this nice little infographic poster at the register. As a coffee newbie, I thought this was both a really helpful chart, plus really pleasing to look at. I should have asked if they had copies for sale, but maybe I will the next time I’m in the neighborhood.



3 thoughts on “Diving back in

  1. You’re so lucky to work with such amazing photographs for this Poets story… I still love the first cover but I was partial to the white “V”… I know someone said it was a bit stark but I preferred it to the purple because now it almost feels like too much purple. Maybe a light gray would be worth trying… something that reads as white but isn’t quite as stark. I don’t know, that’s just a thought. As far as which I like, I like the first 3 definitely the most. In the second, I think “Missouri Oracles” is a bit too high and close to the nameplate, and I reallly like the third. Great work, I can’t wait to see this all finished!

  2. Although the editors weren’t happy with the covers last thursday, I don’t think it was your design. It was more the that the poetry photos weren’t the vibe they were wanting. I really loved the cover with the purple lady on the front. I can’t wait to see what you come up with using the Mad Men photos!

  3. I think your poet feature designs turn out really well. The first cover with the portrait of the lady stands out from the rest, and I think it is a great start for the Vox redesign. And I do hope that I can read the whole poems from these poets, not just an excerpt!

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