Full circle

Critique: Poets feature

It’s here, it’s here! It’s finally here!

This time last week I was feeling completely overwhelmed and wanted to curl up in a ball and live there forever. Ok, not to be so #dramatic, but it’s been a long and stressful week that has paid off tenfold. First, here’s the end result of the poets photo essay.

I’m completely satisfied with how it turned out considering the different text blurbs and lengths I had to work with. I’m glad that the general layout of my photo pairings and the typography stayed pretty consistent from my drafts, and some rearranging of text boxes definitely helped make things more digestible and easier to navigate.


Fun fact that also made this photo essay an interesting project to work with: the first time I ever opened Adobe Illustrator  was in high school (throwin’ it back to CS3) when I was on staff for my school’s literary and visual arts magazine. I marveled at the “paint program for adults,” as I called it, and worked with the editors to lay out pages for visual art, photography, short fiction and poems. We even had a Q-and-A section with literary figures and artists around town, and one year we featured Walter Bargen when he was named Missouri’s First Poet Laureate. So to be here six years later designing pages for a story about local poets and artists was like bringing my whole design experience full circle. I might be a sap and reading into it too much, but I still think it’s pretty neat.

Critique: Mad Men department


I really like how this page and the cover turned out, thanks to the tireless work of Libby to get a photo shoot going for this story. It all came together really fast considering my draft on Sunday had absolutely no art on it. I wasn’t aware that a historical sidebar would be included, but Erica’s suggestion to include little icon illustrations for each event really added to the page. Even though it was extra work, I was happy to revisit Illustrator again to do some fun icon work.

I originally had a few of the subheads in orange and more color on the icons, but I think they look more unified in the cyan color scheme. I’ve found that a lot of the time my initial reaction to designing a page is wanting to add in ALL THE COLORS, but in some cases it’s something I need to scale back on.

You can’t miss: Business card illustrations

Thinking of our upcoming mini-portfolio project and other creative business tools to plan for, I thought this post on Creative Bloq about one illustrator’s unique business cards was fitting. Instead of having just one business card design, Tim Easley created a series where the designs on the back create a line of 40 buildings that connect across in a row. I’m definitely not on Easley’s level, but the idea of having a series of collectible business cards is so creative. I would want to keep networking with this guy just to get more of his cards. The clean lines of the buildings, plus the way each one has its own character, is visually stunning.

Photo inspiration: Pakistani cargo trucks

In Kansas City over spring break, I got my cultural fix at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. One of my favorite pieces from that day is an art installation from Asheer Akram called the Pakistani Cargo Truck Initiative. The artist took an American pickup truck and built visual elements, motifs and visual narratives around the original vehicle. The design reflects the different colorful box trucks found in Pakistan blended with an American aesthetic. I love how the colors pop with such detail and vibrancy, and I love how the two regional aesthetics work together while also highlighting their differences in presentation.



One thought on “Full circle

  1. I know you had a lot on your plate this past week, but I think you handled it all beautifully (especially since you were waiting on so much content for so long). I think your department pages and feature all turned out great, and I’m especially proud of it all on the iPad with audio.

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