One month until graduation

Critique: Updated Vintage Now designs

The semester is winding down, so naturally that means the bulk of the work is right around the corner. Here are updated thumbnails of how my pages for our Meredith project is coming.

I’m pretty happy with how my home décor pages are turning out, and there’s a nice variety of layouts. I’m glad I worked with Erica’s suggestion on my “Record timing” page to make the vinyl huge so you can see the texture on the image. This was something that I incorporated in my initial prototype but haven’t really found in designing for this round.

The page I’ve had the least amount of time to work with is the “Then and now” page. I’m not really satisfied with the grid layout I have now, but wonder how it would look with a dominant full-bleed image on the left page with the text and other two visuals on the right.







There are still consistency things that we as a group need to work on, such as font styles for folios and subheadings. We won’t be able to get feedback from Erica and Libby until class on Thursday, but I’m excited (anxious?) to hear what feedback they have to offer.

You can’t miss: Graphic design playing cards

Hey, have you met Ben Barrett-Forrest yet? This week, Creative Bloq featured a post about him and his new graphic design playing cards, which are exactly what it sounds like. On the face of each of the 52 cards is a tidbit about design principles, terminology, typography, famous designers and some inspirational quotes. As you’re flipping through the deck or dominating at poker, you can also learn from visual illustrations of the terms on each card. You can check out his Kickstarter campaign, too.

Photo inspiration: Ciao da Firenze

Do you guys remember what it feels like to walk outside and not be whipped in the face by the cold? Despite our brief warmup to shorts-weather over the weekend, I can’t wait until summer weather is actually upon us for more than 48 hours. The other day, a friend of mine who is preparing for the Florence study abroad trip was asking me about the city, as I had the amazing opportunity to backpack through Italy during my stint in London last summer. That got me all sappy and nostalgic — the usual. Here’s a shot I took of the city and the Florence Cathedral dome just before twilight. Fingers crossed that I’m able to go back someday and shamelessly eat my weight in gelato once more.



3 thoughts on “One month until graduation

  1. My boyfriend is a graphic designer and obsessed with anything design related on Kickstarter… I have a feeling he’d love these cards. Thanks for the gift idea 🙂
    And that photo from Florence is beautiful… the framing is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This blog post is making me emotional right now. 1. I can’t wait to go to France! Wanna come with me? 2. I want those cards…and then I will force all of my friends to play cards with me and brainwash them with graphic design…mwwwwwahaha…although the video scared me a bit. 3. I can’t believe VN is coming together. It’s been so much work, but I’m happy with it. If you want to keep playing with the FOB page, I say go for it. But I also like how it is. It’s kind of funny because I think our FOB and BOB pages have the longest stories…

  3. I also can’t believe VN is coming together. I’m loving your pages, especially the Record Timing one. I really want to try that one. Great work. I’m excited for your graduation. You have so much to look forward to.

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