Fact, not fiction

Critique: Fiction issue

I’ve been looking forward to doing more illustrations with this fiction issue, but I definitely underestimated the time that it would take me to do all of it. I tried to start with my cover with a few ideas, including a hipster-y looking typewriter, but to no avail. After a few moments of designer’s block, I moved on to my inside pages and left my cover for last. I ended up using simple shapes to mimic turning a page, which though kind of cliché is fitting for the issue.

One thing I’ve noticed in my illustrations is that I really like playing up geometrical shapes and angles to add depth. I also wanted to highlight color and have each illustration represent a color or mood to match the story. I really like how they’ve turned out, and since they’re displayed pretty large on each page, there are enough elements to each visual to command the space. I’d like to say that it was planned, but I ended up creating an assortment of portrait and landscape illustrations that help vary the pacing within the spreads.







You can’t miss: Endless Emojis

I know I’m supposed to be all about the written word as someone entering the editing and writing fields, but I have my moments when a picture would do so much better. I’m talking about Snapchats and pictures of pugs and gifs of inside jokes from my favorite TV shows. But most of all, I’m talking about Emojis. Luckily for me and all my comrades who think an icon of a laughing cat is just as good as a verbal response, writer and illustrator Avery Monsen has come up with 100 more Emojis to add to our Emoji-vocabularies. Ok, they’re not real, but think of how much more we can say via text with icons of Paul Rudd or “A Tupperware Full of Secrets.”

Photo inspiration: ’80s springtime fashion

I noticed earlier this week that the flowers in Lowry Mall are starting to bloom. That reminded me of a photo that I found in an old photo album from my mom of her back in college days at MU. Look at her rocking that romper.

Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 3.29.00 PM


2 thoughts on “Fact, not fiction

  1. I really like your illustrations. I think my favorite is the cello (maybe because that was one I had to draw 10 times before I was happy with my own). I like that you added the lighter orange layer behind it to create a shadow effect.

  2. I wish these would be actual emojis. I have found there often is not one to express how I am feeling. Also love the photo of your mom. I should look through my mom’s college photos from her time at Mizzou!

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