A word on web

Critique: A quick diversion

This week, I feel like I’ve been focusing more on my web design projects than for magazine. My final web and mini-portfolios for this class are still in progress, so they’re not ready to critique yet. But I did want to share my work for Rob’s web class. We’re working with the Vox reporting class to create a multimedia site for their semester-long project about the life and death of dogs.

As I’ve done with my past projects in this class, I kept the design pretty simple with touches of bold typography and bright colors to liven it up. The majority of the visuals for the site come from the reporters’ photographs and video elements, but I still wanted to add more illustrative pieces to the page. I thought the pops of yellow, landing page illustration and little icon buttons for the key would help liven up the predominantly morose stories. And if there’s anything I’ve learned through designing for both web and magazine design, it’s that I have a thing for Bebas Neue. What can I say.


You can’t miss: Flat design vs. realism

I first heard of this Flat vs. Realism site in my web design class, but it popped up again when I saw it on Creative Bloq this week. The site, designed by interactive agency inTacto, uses parallax scrolling to get readers engaged in a fictional history of texturized visuals versus the flat design that’s become popular in the past year. The site even builds up to a video game-like battle between the realism king and the flat design hipster. The little details like flashing jewels, lightning strikes and sound effects really complement the stunning visuals. I guess luckily for me, flat design is all the rage right now, which means simpler lines and shapes in illustrations. Take the Apple iOS7 update, for example, or the flatness of Windows phone styles. This site also makes me realize just how quickly popular design can change and how drastic it can be. Which side would you choose, Flat or Realism?

Photo inspiration: Sun hands

On Tuesday, I took a break from worrying about being swamped with work to check out the Local Natives concert at The Blue Note. I usually can’t stand when people are glued to their phones during these kinds of live events. But at one point I couldn’t help but take out my phone for a quick snapshot. Maybe it was the heavy use of a fog machine or just the vibe of the crowd, but the red lights looked particularly vibrant and energizing.


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