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Critique: Final designs

It’s my very last stop day as an undergrad and I’m getting ready to go to bed to wake up in a mere six hours. It’ll be an early and long morning drive up to the Meredith offices in Des Moines, but I’m excited to finally show off what I and the Vintage Now team have been working on for the past semester. Here are my final pages, including my department pages, feature spreads and winter cover.

VN record

VN nest1

Vn nest2

VN hotspots

VN heirlooms1

VN heirlooms2

VN heirlooms3

VN heirlooms4

Vintage Now winter cover

It’s amazing to see how much some of my pages have changed since the beginning; on the other hand, it’s also incredible to see how a few have just very slightly altered here and there. I think mocking up the winter cover showed how much progress I had made throughout the course — I put it together in a few minutes and had it at a nearly polished stage after one shot.

That’s probably the biggest takeaway I’ll have after this design class. I now have a better sense of how to package stories from the conceptual stage to make them more complete with visuals, layouts, additional elements, etc. I have a more expansive vocabulary to explain how I envision a story and see it through completion. Maybe most of all, I’ve seen firsthand how crucial it is to have outstanding communication and working relationships between editorial and design. Some people told me it was crazy to take an capstone course as an elective (and trust me, it kind of is), but it was a lot of fun and a great learning tool.

I also picked up my freshly printed design portfolio this afternoon, and I’m so proud to add it to my collection of work.

You Can’t Miss: Creative office spaces

Looking into the professional world (is this being an adult?), I found this neat article on Creative Bloq this week. It’s a compilation of some of the coolest creative office spaces around the world. Of course, a bunch of them are places I probably will never have the chance step foot in, but just look at them. I know how much my environment and setting affects my mood and my productivity levels, let alone my creative energy. It’s so great to know that there are places out there that value their space and how their employees create.

Photo inspiration: Lady Luck

In honor of nabbing an editing job in New York after graduation, here’s a majorly touristy photo from my visit this past March. It was my first time being in the city, and I honestly didn’t expect to be back anytime soon. I’m excited to be working in Manhattan for All You magazine, a Time Inc. publication, and best of all finally getting paid to do it! Best of luck to you all, fellow Tigers, and I’ll see you all soon.



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  1. Creative work spaces are so key to productivity I feel like! There’s nothing worse than working in a sterile, cold, uninteresting work place. I wish more people were design oriented and realized that some of us really just need that visual and environmental stimuli to get things done. Maybe more people would enjoy their jobs that way, who knows!?

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