I started as an editorial assistant with LearnVest in March of 2015. The role entailed pitching and writing daily blogs about news in the work and money space. On top of daily news articles, I also wrote longer author Q&A’s, slideshows, story roundups and more. By fall, I got my start assigning articles to freelance writers and went from a primarily administrative role to a true assigning and editing responsibilities.

As an assistant editor starting February 2016, I began assigning and editing more information-heavy feature stories on topics including workplace productivity, career advancement, psychology of money, how to budget, money and relationships, understanding financial aid and paying off student loans. In this role, I edited 27 of the top 100 highest performing articles published in 2016.

In addition to writing and editing for the site, additional responsibilities have included bringing on freelance writers to add to our diversity of content, implementing SEO best practices, tracking site analytics, leading the Editorial department’s transition to a new newsletter software for our 370K subscriber base, providing insight and implementing a site migration, maintaining editorial syndication partnerships, conceptualizing and producing branded content for business partners, hiring a new editorial assistant, managing the work of our intern and more.


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